2020 at a Glance

I wasn’t sure what to write in the 2020 at a Glance because the things I love — traveling, exploring new cultures, trying out different food, among many others were out of the picture due to covid.

So, after sitting down for 4-5 times; here are a bunch of things that were amazing!

  1. In early 2019, I tried notion but in 2020, I made the complete switch from 6-7 different tools to just Notion; this year I (literally) created 100s of things on it.
  2. I have been a big foodie, but as the travel was restricted — I ended up improving my cooking skills (and created a few recipes of myself) 👨🏻‍🍳
  3. With the improved cooking skills, my eating skills also improved (that lead to gaining a couple of pounds) 🤣 — okay, not so much of a good thing.
  4. (This one is amazing) I learned how to do a haircut myself — already did it like 4-5 times, I feel like a pro now. 😎
  5. I re-started playing games during my free-time (and reducing the 16 hour work days) — 2 games I’ve enjoyed playing are — Fortnite and Clash of Clans.
  6. I also changed 3 places this year (Jan to March I was (almost) staying in office → April to July I stayed at home → Aug to Dec I stayed at my cousin’s — this is where I started playing games).
  7. I also created a Knowledge base where I record all the stuff that I learn with great detail (template would be available for sale maybe).
  8. Aannd another year of icy-cold showers 😍 (see here why I do this)

While I was writing the good things about 2020; I realized all of them happened because of the great people around me:

It is in no particular order; some are new people I met this year, some are gold-old ones that have been continuously impacting my life.

  1. Jean-Francois Lagarde – You ALWAYS help me a lot mate with your honest thoughts, feedbacks, and suggestions on work stuff. I can many times relate to how well you do things. This year you suggested me GridPane, it made my team’s life so much better.
  2. Sean Vosler – Thanks for writing the 7 Figure Marketing Copy, I keep on reading it over and over again. Probably the best investment in 2019 that generates constant ROI.
  3. Asim Siddique – I read because of you and Tai Lopez. Thanks for keep on pushing me to improve in 360 degree in life (otherwise I’d have been just work-a-holic). I don’t improve as quickly as you want me to; but your words are always helpful.
  4. Patrick Gallagher – Thanks for suggesting all kinds of books – I think Trillion Dollar Coach was the best one this year. I truly appreciate your work at GridPane, Hook with Books and now HostingMBA. I think I’m at a stage where I’ll buy all your stuff. ❤️
  5. Lee Matthew Jackson – Thanks for organizing Agency Transformation Live 2020 this year, I thought that I wouldn’t go to any event but you nailed it by making it online. It helped me meet a ton of great people like Thiago, Nev, Nick, Martin & Lindsey, and a bunch more. The year couldn’t had been the way it was if you hadn’t kept so many great speakers. I learned a lot from all of them throughout the year, some turned great friends too.
  6. Thiago de Carvalho – I bug you so much, haha — if you wouldn’t have made me go the notion ride; I wouldn’t have done literally 100s of company documentation. You do great work with Deer Designer. We should continue with our accountability this year.
  7. Nev Harris – I loved your course on agency finance, it made me build a template of my own inside Notion that I use every single day. And thanks for the video gear call too, it is coming out in some months. 😎
  8. Adam Preiser – I started watching your stuff when your channel was around 8k subscribers; it has helped me always. I don’t know what would I have done without your guidance. Congratulations for 200k ❤️
  9. Oliver Martin – I don’t really recall how we met but these years have been amazing mate, I appreciate our friendship a lot with all the good chats, calls, and sometimes work too.
  10. Johnny Nguyen – I love how straightforward you get. I’d definitely love to learn this from you. By the way, thanks for the amazing WordPress speed optimization course and honest guides on your website.
  11. Shivansh Garg – After taking an exit usually founders don’t stay connected; I am glad we did. Thanks for your help in all the places I’m not strong. Great work with YoungEngine.
  12. Nick Gulic – Grateful to have met you in Agency Transformation Live 2020, thanks for creating the course – Sell by helping, answering my random questions, for recalling me about the Content Fortress (when I almost forgot).
  13. Mike Killen – Preparing a stop list to stop doing and that becoming the job description for hiring!?! This was an Incredible idea! 🤯 (I use it all the time now). Thanks, mate.
  14. Martin & Lindsey – I got to know about you from Agency Transformation Live 2020 too. Thanks for sharing the amazing techniques, building a great course. I’m going through it side by side will take my proper time to learn things, execute it, and complete worksheets.
  15. Laura Dunn – You literally improved my web design skills with sooo much ease. Thanks a lot for the course and Branding & Consulting Project Packs (I wish I pulled the trigger back when you launched it).
  16. Divyansha – You are probably one of the best people I’ve ever met who learns, and grows constantly. It is great discussing all the random stuff with you. And thanks for proof-reading my random things where I make all the silly mistakes 😛
  17. Arman Mazka – Discussing the good tools has always been helpful mate. Your perspective to things is amazing. You also gave the idea for preparing a list like this. Thanks mate. Cheers to the long friendship🍹
  18. Jon Buchan – I loved your Facebook Group Blueprint 2.0 and The charming Self-funding funnel pack. Apart from what you taught in the above 2 guides, I also learned that things don’t need to be 100% perfect to sell – they just need to deliver results; the design and other things can be done later. This helped my ‘perfectionist’ side settle a bit. I’m currently implementing a few of your learnings right now, would be doing more of it in 2021.
  19. Deepanshu Nagpal – We don’t talk much but your words always stay on my mind, like the one you said a few months back “We have to spend our whole life in this body”. I started doing small workouts after that. Thanks bro. 💪🏻
  20. DMK Dino M Krishnan – Your suggestions on which tool to invest in have always been like a crazy prediction. I don’t know how you do it but I appreciate this that 😎 and I should listen to you more often. I still regret not getting the team plan for notion for USD 1.5/mo. 😐😛
  21. Aman Kumar – I appreciate all the discussions we have on agency side of things and overall life. I’m glad we got re-connected last year. ❣️
  22. Srijan Bhardwaj – I have been enjoying our almost once a month catch-up call. So much to learn and share, appreciate this a lot Srijan.
  23. Samiksha – I am really glad we got reconnected, probably has been more than a decade we are friends? Thanks for the workstation setup help 😍
  24. Shaurya Jain – I’m not sure why we did not connect last year or the year before that, but I am glad we did this time. Thanks for all your suggestions around SEO.
  25. Nishkarsh Sharma – It’s a funny feeling where we both know and hear so many things about each other without actually talking to each other. I’m glad we got connected, looking forward to the long friendship bro 🍷
  26. Suren Arora – I kept you for last because you have helped me in dumbest of the problems. Whenever I have something on my mind, I call you literally for anything. 😂 Thanks for being there.

And I haven’t met majority of you in person (so far); but the bond so much stronger than that.

There are probably so many more people that made my 2020 great; and I definitely know I am missing to add them here in the list. But now, I’m going to ignore my perfectionist approach and just publish it right away after sitting on it 10 times, lol (otherwise this would never get publish like 100s of other posts).

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