Get my growth secrets, experiences, lessons, that helped me grow as a person reflecting in my work life.

Kartik is a Digital Marketer who has grown hundreds of companies, startups, public figures, brands with his proven strategies.


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What do I write, think, speak about?

I've written over more than 10 Million words online, & most of them revolve around:


Experience-based step-by-step guides to increase productivity and achieve your goals faster.


Detailed experiences from my speaking gigs, webinars (and seminars), events, and much more!

Good Life Secrets

Reasons behind all the great habits I install in myself (or I will), how did I found them and their results.


Easy to understand review about books, courses, products and much more that I use in everyday life.

And I teach everything I know.

What people say about Kartik:

Have been in touch with Kartik since 2015. In the realm of Digital Marketing he is one of the most updated person I have ever met. His passion to learn is only exceeded by his determination to offer value to his clients. I would highly recommend you to work with him.
Testimonial by Aayush Ajmera
Aayush Ajmera
Co-Founder at Project Velocity
Kartik is one of those who is keen to learn the modern way and does not like to follow the crowd. His dedication towards his work is commendable, and his skills in sales and marketing are praiseworthy. His hunger for knowledge is what I appreciate the most. Hardworking, dedicated and never give up attitude possessed by Kartik will make him reach the highest limits.
Testimonial by Mayank Dhamecha
Mayank Dhamecha
Team Leader at Vivo India
Kartik and I were introduced to each other by a common friend. When we meet each other we realised that we shared similar traits to grow and learn. The most astonishing thing was, he understood the principle of building oneself instead of CV. Since then I have seen kartik working his way out to create an impact in this world. He presents his work well and takes feedback and input attentively.
Testimonial by Abhinav
CSA at Amazon
Kartik is laser-focused in all his endeavors. His experience has polished his strategic growth hacking skills and made him exceptional at business development as compared to his peers. He is a valuable asset to any team! Was inspired to meet such a great hustler.
Testimonial by Vidisha Gupta
Vidisha Gupta
Analyst at Goldman Sachs
Kartik is one of the best Growth Hacking and Marketing experts I've ever came accross. He puts his heart and soul in client work and deliver the best of results.
Testimonial by Sparsh Arora
Sparsh Arora
You made it so simple , Kartik! Been struggling for months to set it up. My new Funnel is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. Now that I have a great and high converting funnel, I will have no more dramas with sales ; no more dramas with people telling my site isn’t pro. Not only he create the funnels, he added all the tools that I need for high conversions and leads ,he handled my email list, created my payment gateways and gave all his best like it was his. Actually bro you did too much. You didn’t have to. Well I wish I could say more but all I can say is Thanks, Kartik.
Kartik Ahuja - Testimonial 2
Lot-venson Smith
Founder CEO at Venson Firm Group Inc

"I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk."