The Now Page

I have been on the internet for more than a decade doing a good amount of time reading, researching, working on projects, writing, exploring learning and connecting with people.

So, what’s a now page?

Now page tells you what you are 100% focused on right now. This helps you:

  • In making sure your priorities are straight when the next time some shiny new opportunity comes in.
  • Helping in saying “no” to things to unexpected things.
  • In better understanding the value of time
  • In making the mind come back to important things when it wanders off.

What few people say about the now page:

“It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities.”

My Now Details:

Currently, I am staying in Pitam Pura, Delhi, India.

Working on these things:

  1. Following these habits religiously
  2. Working as the founder of Growth Scribe (an international internet marketing agency that helps other businesses in growing with the help of the internet)
    • Redesigning the website.
    • Maintaining our recurring clients.
    • And building better team.
  3. Sharing experiences (whenever possible) with the help of content on Kartik Ahuja

What my current routine looks like:

I’ve improved the routine recently:
6:50 am – Wake Up
7:00 am – Workout
8:00 am – Food & Cold Shower
8:30 am – Meditation & Writing
9:00 am – Work
12:30 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm – Back to work
3:30 pm – Smoothie
7:30 pm – Dinner
8:00 pm – Back to work
9:00 pm – Plan tomorrow today (with the gist of annual goals, monthly goals, vision, etc.)
9:30 pm – Up from desk, Cold Shower
11:00 pm – Sleep

Keeping 2 hours buffer of time, if I sometimes wake to stay up to 1:30 but not more than that, it’s not worth messing my body’s chemicals up.

Sundays – I do whatever I want; family, friends, etc.

P.S. – Seems like I am turning into a machine. lol

Inspiration Credits:

  1. Sivers & Another Inspiration by Sivers
  2. Sam Ovens
  3. Tim Ferriss
  4. Warren Buffett
  5. Now Page

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