Here's why clients don't pay you good money

Here’s why clients don’t pay you good money

Since I have been getting a lot of questions like this

“Hey, how do I find high paying US clients?”

“Hey Kartik, Indian clients are cheap, I don’t want to work with them”

“But Indians don’t give any money for work, Kartik”

“If I had 10 US clients, paying me $500/month, I would be rich Kartik”

And many more similar questions – defaming all Indian clients for not giving the deserving pay for the work.

It was crucial for me to write on it.


Where is the problem?

I have had Indian clients who were paying $1,500 (who talked very politely and were fun to work with) and the US clients who were paying $200 (and were soul-sucking).

Problem is not US clients or Indian clients or clients of any other area or niche.

I realised the problem is my perception and my way of thinking. Period. Nothing else.


When I started out with my agency in 2016, though I got the clients almost instantly, but they were not the best clients.

Okay, let’s be honest – they weren’t good clients at all…

$20 websites, $5 consultancies, too many revisions, unfilling work.


Here comes the solution

Until one day when I was frustrated enough to a point – where I said to myself, enough is enough.

(Have you ever had a moment where you say, enough is enough and you do not do anything beyond it until that thing is fixed? – yes It was that scenario)

I instantly bought a few books, courses that helped me get better clients.

Within some weeks of learning from the books and courses, I realised I was failing miserably in the quality of leads generated (which is extremely crucial for anyone’s business as it is the starting point of business).

After the constant implementation of the knowledge, I started closing better clients – more and more $2,000 clients as compared to $50 clients. I was blown away! (figuratively) 

Because the only thing I had changed was the way to get better leads, nothing else! Quality was the same, communication timings and ways were the same, everything was the same.

Earlier, I did not realise how important it was to generate high-quality leads. I thought that’s how things always worked.

My myth was busted, and I started feeling more and more Indians have a wrong perspective and have been passing the same perspective to other people as well.


What do I do now with toxic leads?

I say no to almost 10 leads a week who want to pay money to do their work. I say no because I know they might give money but the relationship could be toxic and soul-sucking to work with that might not sustain for long-term.

Sometimes I even have to fire a client, if I feel I have onboarded the wrong one after working for some time. 

Don’t get me wrong here. I am more than happy to take on client’s pain and help him get up and running or run even faster or do things that might have not been possible. But now, I never tolerate bad clients (and nor should you).


I usually tell this in my group coaching calls. But now, I felt it is important enough to spread this. 

Share with your friend who needs to understand this.

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