Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers


Why should you read this book?

Russell, the author of the book, learned from some of the old-school, direct response marketing giants like Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Joe Sugarman, Chet Holmes, Fred Catona, Don Lapre, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy, and Robert Collier. These guys didn’t have the luxury of Facebook or Google; they learned the strategies of driving traffic before there even was an internet! Instead, they drove traffic with direct mail, radio ads, TV, and newspapers.

If your business relies on one source of traffic (let's say Facebook ads) and if your ad account gets banned or something goes south with your Facebook Ads, your business might face some serious issues. This book elaborates upon multiple sources of traffic and how to build the mindset to leverage them.

The book also shares that traffic is about people, and people are extremely predictable. The core strategies that Russell teaches you will outlast and supersede any particular platform, so you can apply them anywhere.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Evergreen Mindset – Focus on the evergreen strategies and not fads that everyone is running towards, the mindset shift alone can help you think in the right direction.
  2. Sell vs Skill – Russel said, “They could lock up an entrepreneur for eight years to teach them a skill, but not even spend 10 minutes showing them how to market that skill.” I couldn’t relate more as I see great professionals everyday who don’t know how to market themselves and how to get consistent leads.
  3. Dream 100 – Create a list of dream customers for every marketing platform you are on – every single social media, medium, every place you are on needs to have your dream 100 customers.
  4. Throw Hooks – Just like fishing you need to create great hooks so you can grab people’s attention, then tell a story and make an offer. This is an on-going process and never stops.
  5. Work & Buy – Work your way into your dream customers, and buy your way in the dream customers. Work means building relations, going above and beyond to help them, and doing favors. Buying your way in is running paid ads and giving them immense value.
  6. Owned Traffic – The more data you own, the better you can market and become a giant in your micro-niche and industry.

    If your 100% of the traffic is from social media platforms that’s rented place; in other words you just own your social media account and not the social media. If for some reason your account gets shut down or banned (which happens very often), your sales could stop.

    Own the traffic by building strong email lists and owning the data, so even if you get banned, you can easily get up and running almost instantly.
  7. 3 Closes – Whenever you want to close someone, include – emotion, logic, and fear in your messaging.

    Emotion – The first 50% of the messaging needs a video telling stories to get one emotionally interested in the product, and then an order form for one to take action.

    Logic – The next 30% of the messaging needs more convincing with factual logics. This set of audience is afraid of what others will think if they buy it, because they have a fear that their status will decrease if the product doesn’t work for them. Adding a comparison between products, and a money-back guarantee helps as they can reverse the risk to their image if the product doesn’t work out for them.

    Fear – The last 20% of the messaging needs the element of FOMO (Fear of missing out) or similar things along the lines.

    This strategy can work with your all marketing activities – landing page, email, retargeting ads, and many other things that come to your mind.
  8. Posting Frequency – Start with one marketing channel and post for at least one year on a daily basis, per day frequency is up to you. The key over here is consistency, and starting with one channel and not many. You need to show your real side otherwise you will run out of content.
  9. Social Media Consumption – If you’re spending more than 10 minutes a day consuming social media, then you are wasting your time. Producing content on social media is a different thing. If people distract you, remove all of them.
  10. History & Goal – When you have a marketing channel as per your preferred style (writing, listening, or video). Read about the history of that methodology not the channel. For example if you choose podcast as your marketing channel, understand how people consume the audio form of content, and find the evergreen strategies that you can implement in your podcast.
  11. 360 degree marketing – When you have enough revenue coming in, you should focus on non-branding elements. In other words, if you are in a micro-niche, grow yourself to the niche so you can dominate your audience. People take decision not just from your funnel but your internet presence, reviews, etc.
  12. Affiliate Army – Build relationships with people who will happily promote your product, give them resources to market your product, help them improve in places where they need to, pay them well. You might master one marketing channel or two, but if you build the right affiliate army, they can promote you to places you never thought of.
  13. Cold Traffic – Pick this up at last (after warm and hot traffic), it’s a place you need to be in when want to scale past nine figures.

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