Ultimate Food List

Item NameVeg / Non-vegPrepration TypeType of Food / Drink
Blue berryVegReady-to-eatFruit
Orange (& it's family fruits)VegReady-to-eatFruit
Black SaltVegReady-to-eatToppings
Maggi Magic MasalaVegReady-to-eatToppings
Red KetchupVegReady-to-eatToppings
Musturd SauceVegReady-to-eatToppings
Peanut ButterVegReady-to-eatToppings
MilkVegRequires CookingBeverage(Hot n' Cold)
CoffeeVegRequires CookingBeverage(Hot n' Cold)
Organic Tea (Any Flavour)VegRequires CookingHot Beverage
Almond tumeric teaVegRequires CookingHot Beverage
Indian TeaVegRequires CookingHot Beverage
SoupVeg & Non-VegReady-to-eatHot Beverage
SmoothieVeg & Non-VegRequires CookingCold Beverage
Coconut WaterVegReady-to-eatCold Beverage
Fruit Juice (Any)VegReady-to-eatCold Beverage
Vegetable Juice (Any)VegReady-to-eatCold Beverage
Masala OatsVegRequires CookingRaw Product
BreadVegBothRaw Product
PaneerVegBothRaw Product
Eggs(s) - Boiled, OmletteNon-VegRequires CookingRaw Product
Egg BreadNon-VegReady-to-eatRaw Product
Paneer TikkaVegReady-to-eatOrder Online
Subway / Subhub Salad / SubVeg & Non-VegBothOrder Online
Wild salmonNon-VegReady-to-eatOrder Online
Coconut oilVegBothIngredient
Olive oilVegBothIngredient
Ace BlendVegReady-to-eatSupplement
Green leafy dark vegetablesVegRequires CookingRaw Product
BroccoliVegRequires CookingRaw Product
MaggiVegRequires CookingJunk

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