Kartik Ahuja Speaking at Young Engine

Farewell to Young Engine


After giving it a long thought, I have decided to step down as co-founder and chief growth officer at Young Engine.

What is Young Engine?

Young Engine started as an offline guerilla marketing company and later evolved into a training cum hiring platform. 

Young Engine makes it happen by training freshers followed by live projects which helps to gain industry insight and hands-on experience. 

When students gain enough experience, Young Engine recommends them to its partner companies that help freshers land a decent job in a highly competitive market.

 My Endeavours at Young Engine

Apart from laying down the foundation of the company and core-values…

  • I designed and developed multiple converting funnels & website’s versions
  • Our social media collectively reached over 1,037,689 impressions
  • I designed hundreds of graphics
  • A bit of SEO to get more eyeballs on the brand
  • We contributed to over 70+ events in Delhi NCR

I am proud to say Young Engine has helped over 200+ companies in 1.5 years, some of the companies were Inc42, TiE, SBI Life, HDFC, and many big brands. Young Engine also positively impacted over 10,000 students along the way.

Fun Fact – The idea was started with the name called BadAss Grads (we almost bought this domain but realised it had spam triggering word, then switched to Young Engine

Why I decided to Step Down

Long story short, the startup culture was taking a toll on me. As co-founder and chief growth officer, I had to wear multiple hats to achieve goals with 24/7 hustle lifestyle, off-office hours work, or even pulling regular all-nighters which led me to compromise my health.

After neglecting health for a while, I started losing my productivity leading to multiple burnouts almost every second month. And I almost even quit my rituals.

My superpower is deep work with uninterrupted chunks of long work hours. But the startup life demands otherwise, juggling between multiple short-span tasks.

Don’t get me wrong here, I have always been a work-a-holic (and always will be), it is in my blood. I can’t change it. Even when I was in school and college, after attending lectures throughout the day,  I would be up till late nights to learn and imply the things I had learned.

I am more of a plan first, do later person.

Abraham Lincoln appropriately expresses my life personality:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

-Abraham Lincoln

I am glad to have met many amazing like-minded individuals. Shivansh (YoungEngine’s CEO & Co-founder) has always been helping with things that haven’t been my strong suit.

What is ahead for me?

  1. My main focus is to build Growth Scribe even further to help businesses achieve their goals with digital marketing.

  2. I have lately realised, I feel refreshed after putting my thoughts on paper. So, you would see more blogs where I would share personal experiences.

  3. As most of you know, I have a nerdy habit of being productive, solving things, finding out the least steps to achieve the most.

    A few years back, I came up with an idea that could help hundreds of people if not thousands in expanding their horizons and thought process. It is already in the works and has been released as a beta version.

    In a few months, it would be released publically.

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