2019 at a Glance

2019 was a roller coaster ride, there were ups and downs, but we should focus on more ups than downs, right? Here are a few ups of the year.

  1. 50+ Successful Events – We were behind 52 successful events that helped people & businesses grew.
  2. New personal website launched – My team helped me revamp my personal website kartikahuja.com to reach more people & businesses. I would be sharing personal experiences, life hacks, most requested questions, and much more! Reach out if you have any thoughts on the same.
  3. Business Milestone achieved – We achieved a milestone in helping over 200 businesses accomplish their goals.
  4. New Instagram Account – My old IG account was infested with some bots / fake accounts as a result of which my reach almost died. I finally made a new account & switched from a dead 6-year-old account.
  5. More Mentors – Earlier, I used to learn just from my personal experience until I discovered a faster way 3 years back; that resulted in learning things in a day that used to take up a year. Now to keep things consistent, I got mentors for Meditation, Workout, Business, Money, Relations & Overall Life.
  6. Party after 2 years – We organized our company’s conference in October at Gold Palace, Jaipur. I build systems, processes & help companies grow with digital marketing. It’s fun for me, so I never thought of taking a break, but then I reached a stage of burn-out where productivity fell down drastically; that’s when I decided to take a few days off.
  7. Game of Cold Showers – I added Another year added to cold showers summing to 7 years & counting.
  8. 55+ Lessons Implied – I completed & implemented over 55+ micro lessons accounting to various other things in the form of books, courses & mentorships.
  9. Rejected 300+ opportunities – I got approximately one opportunity a day. Many times we think the more opportunities we get, the more we improve &, the more income we make. This myth was busted, which gave me a realization of Less is more & to grow things, precision is needed.

My Instagram posts include the above things, but it does not include the following things – another perk for you for visiting the website 😉

  1. Less is More – I might end up giving up things from my plate after the realization of less is more.
  2. Documentation Nerd – I have moved back to google docs & sheets for a lot of things like setting up processes and sharing with the people involved. This is so convenient with achieving goals within the deadlines (Services from google are much more reliable than any other service out there).
  3. Giving Back – I compiled multiple playlists on YouTube, that can help anyone take a step further in their life. Link for the same
  4. New Productivity Tool – I shifted from 8 different tools to notion. A blog about the same coming out soon.
  5. More Blogs – I haven’t blogged much after revamping the website due to prior commitments but would be writing more. Let me know in the comments section what you would like to know about.
  6. Private Email List – A few of you asked me to stay more in touch, happenings in my life, but I haven’t given much time to the same. Apologies for the same, but I found a solution where I have created a private email list. You can sign up for the same here.
  7. More of Digital Detox – I added another habit in my routine, which is I don’t keep both of my phones near me, they are in the cupboard for more sound sleep.
  8. Crossed 1M+ Reach – This is a combined reach of all online platforms. See all my platforms here.
  9. Behind the scenes – After setting up a new account, I share behind the scenes of my life on Instagram. Come say hi on Instagram

But the journey did not start off like this, it took years of consistent hard work, experimenting with things, unlearning and relearning things which were impossible in the starting. If you are not achieving what you want to, that does not mean you should stop trying. You only win if you stay in the game for long enough.

If you had a good 2019, I hope you have a great 2020.

& I wish you a great 2020 ahead, full of what you want to achieve, sending good vibes your way!

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