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I have been on the internet for more than a decade doing a good amount of time reading, researching, working on projects, writing, explorin, learning and connecting with people.

So, what’s a now page?

Now page tells you what you are 100% focused on right now. This helps you:

  • In making sure your priorities are straight when the next time some shiny new opportunity comes in.
  • Helping in saying “no” to things to unexpected things.
  • In better understanding the value of time
  • In making the mind come back to important things when it wanders off.

What few people say about the now page:

“It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities.”


My Now Details:

Currently, I am staying in Pitam Pura, Delhi, India. (come say hi if you are here)

Working on these things:

  1. Following 6 Habits Religiously
  2. Working as the founder of Growth Scribe (an international internet marketing agency that helps other businesses in growing with the help of the internet)
    • Redesigning the header, footer, contact page, about page and white label service page.
    • Working with our 17 recurring clients
    • Shifting from VAs to an in-house team
  3. Giving Back by sharing experiences with the help of content on Kartik Ahuja

What my routine looks like:

Monday to Saturday working from 9am to 6pm sitting with my virtual assistants, teammates, workmates, focus mates, etc. working on Growth Scribe.

Monday to Saturday 6:01 pm to 8:59 am & Sundays are more for resting, researching, reading, focusing on habits, interests rest of the time which helps me refuel my level of energy and spending time with family and friends.

Inspiration Credits:

  1. https://sivers.org/nowff
  2. https://sivers.org/now
  3. https://nownownow.com/
  4. https://nownownow.com/about
  5. http://mikevardy.com/now
  6. https://jadahsellner.com/now/

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The Impossible List https://kartikahuja.com/impossible-list/ https://kartikahuja.com/impossible-list/#respond Thu, 14 Mar 2019 09:26:53 +0000 https://kartikahuja.com/?p=569 The Impossible List Read More »

This Impossible List is more than just a bucket list. This is a list of things I want to do in life that I’m not going to wait around to do. Each day I am working towards things on this list, stretching myself, growing myself, until one day the impossible just becomes… Possible.

The List of Things that I’m focusing on right now.

Life + Purpose:

  • Make a terrifying decision to get closer to my goals. (July 31st, 2018 — I rejected the regular jobs and went full-fledged in the business after my college.)
  • Help one person make 50k a month.

Fitness + Sports:

  • Learn to swim (Completed in 2010)
  • Do 100 push-ups in single set
  • Long Jogs
    • 5 km
    • Jog 10 km
    • Jog 15 km
  • Marathon
    • Run a half marathon
    • Run a full marathon
  • Get a six-pack ab and do a photo shoot to celebrate
  • Go Rock Climbing
  • Go Shooting
  • Go Indoor Skydiving
  • Go Bungee Jumping
  • Learn Skating
  • Learn how to Scuba Dive
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn Archery
  • Learn SkateBoard
  • Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


  • Go on Solo Trips to:
    • Any State in India
    • Any Country in the world
  • Visit all 7 wonders and film it:
    • Great Wall of China (China)
    • Petra (Jordan)
    • Christ the Redeemer (Brazil)
    • Macchu Picchu (Peru)
    • Chichen Itza (Mexico)
    • Colosseum (Italy)
    • Taj Mahal (India)
  • Swim in Every Ocean
  • Get a Dual Citizenship


  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • German


  • Read Bible
  • Read 10,000 books

This goal is quite broad. Really, it just means read a lot and constantly be learning. I believe education is life-long, and the best of it is often self-driven.

To that end, I want to make sure I go through lots and lots of books! I started reading in 2013 with a simple goal of interstanding why people read so much. I started with The Power of Sub Conscious Mind and did not read for months until I felt this urge to read again as the things I learned in the book were imprinted in my mind. I try to read as often as possible. Sometimes I read books, other times I read articles and blogs.

Still, the goal of one book per month will stand, though I think I’ll have to up that significantly if I’m to reach 10,000 before I die. If you want to follow my progress, follow me on goodreads. You can also check out the list of books I recommend to everyone.

Work + Financials:

  • Make a full-time living earning online
  • Start an Digital Marketing Agency (Started on October 6th 2016)
    • Make the agency go International (Completed on July 2017)
    • Help 50+ clients with just 1 pager funnel website (Completed on January 2018)
    • Build a team of 10+ VAs (Completed on June 2018)
    • Build 5 outsourceable teammates/companies (Completed on August 2018)
    • Move from VAs to a 5 person team solid in-house team
  • Start writing something regularly (Started from 29th January 2018)
  • Give back with the help of Kartikahuja.com
    • Buy KartikAhuja.com (Completed on 2014)
    • Grab KartikAhuja.in, KartikAhuja.net and KartikAhuja.org (Completed in 2017, 2018 and 2018 respectively)
    • Make a framework of the website on Google Docs (Completed on 26th November 2018)
    • Give back with Page – Start here, Impossible List, Now Page, Blogs, About Page, Contact Page.
  • Start a Blog with the help of a blogging guru
    • Get first 1000 subscribers on blog
    • Start merchandise
    • Write an ebook
  • Publish a physical book
  • Save $100M:
    • $10k in Super Savings
    • $50k in Super Savings
    • $100k in Super Savings
    • more bifurcation coming soon…


  • VIP in Earning Labs (Completed on 11th Feb 2018)
  • TiE Internet Day (Completed on )
  • Affiliate Conference India VIP (Completed on 2018)
  • Facebook Community Boost (Completed on 2018)
  • SXSG
  • Growth Con by Grant Cardone


  • Count and Document all the things
  • Create a Getaway Backpack
  • Be in a movie
  • Get something named after me

Inspiration Credits:

  1. College Info Geek
  2. Roxine Kee
  3. Impossible List (Legend who invented the impossible list)
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I experimented with cold showers for 6+ years and here are the results https://kartikahuja.com/cold-showers/ https://kartikahuja.com/cold-showers/#respond Thu, 27 Dec 2018 11:15:09 +0000 https://kartikahuja.com/?p=372 I experimented with cold showers for 6+ years and here are the results Read More »

After giving a lot of thought on what to write in Icy Cold showers not because I don’t know about it but  I have been doing for way too long to realise all the secrets lying within this.

Disclaimer: This is all real. There are many secrets in this blog. Hence, writing down the complete story.

This happened on the crazy, chilly and frostbiting morning of 30th December 2018 at 1:22 am in Delhi, India where the temperature is exactly 4 Degree Celsius.

So I am writing whatever comes to my mind.

It all started when I was just a kid in school in 5th standard i.e. 2007…

I used to stay sick.

Yes, stay sick that means Sick for months with cold, cough, fever, viral – almost for all the 12 months.

My parents tried to visit every possible doctor but I used to be okay for 3-4 months and then again back to my normal sick. We did this for years.

When the winters used to come I used to shiver like crazy, wear 4-6 layers of clothes, but still used to feel very cold.

I was tired. I decided to find a solution (and make it if there isn’t any).

Every day I tried to look something on the internet, find a book in library or ebooks from the internet.

After going through 100s if not 1000s of Health Articles, Information by Famous Legends in the History, Athletes, Health Experts, Body Builders, and n number of people.

I found one common solution mentioned everywhere but I could not get better enough unless I implied it.

This thing could do wonders and could give the biggest power anyone would want – The Great Health

Benefits I found on the Internet About Cold Showers

  1. Helps you sleep better if taken before sleep
  2. Helps you lose weight
  3. Helps in weight loss
  4. Speeds up muscle recovery
  5. and many more

I started taking cold showers in the Fall of 2012 i.e. 10th standard.

During the fall (Around August) the temperature is normal – not very hot, not very cold. I started taking cold showers then, but I promised myself that I will go through the winter of 2012.

It was hard, rather very hard in the beginning for someone who takes a warm bath every time and shifting to cold showers suddenly.

The first 10 mins were the hardest, not because it was hurting cold but because I was still convincing my mind to jump in the cold shower. My mind was fighting with itself at that time.

Jumping in would give me the asset of great health, jumping out would be warm, comfortable and cozy. And I wanted both.

It’s that time where you needed the hardest convincing, you have all the possible reasons to give up and go back but there is only one reason to hold you no matter what.

And it was high time that this asset needs to be earned. I have been waiting for this for way too long.

So, I jumped in the cold shower and did not move. After 15-20 seconds I felt better and alive, what I thought was the hardest thing to do,

And I did it.

I broke my own limits.

But 2 months after doing it, I got sick and this time it was a too much cold and cough. Worse than the times I had.

I had two choices, either to stop trying this cold shower experiment and return back to the way things were or keep doing it until I make it work.

Winters came in, water was getting colder and unbearable. I wanted to give up on this every single day

But I had to get the taste of asset of great health.

Whenever I went to take bath, I made the decision to take the cold shower every single day.

Soon I saw my health improving with time, I started feeling warm all the time. Cold showers did not affect me that much after 2 years of daily taking them.  

Transition from Cold Shower to Icy-Cold Shower

Fast forward to Feb 5th, 2017, a group of my new like-minded friends decided to try the God Mode (a story for another time), he told that cold showers should be icy-cold.

After 7-8 months, I started taking Icy-Cold baths to take health as an asset to a whole new level.

Since to this day, I have been taking icy-cold showers for health benefits.

Change is very difficult in the beginning, Hard in the middle, Easier at the end. [quote which can be shared]

The things I read on the Internet, Books and from all those random places worked but after few years of religiously practicing this in my routine. I found few secrets that were not mentioned any place else.

[Benefits I found with Cold Showers]

  1. When the cold water comes on you, your mind starts to wander and crazy good ideas can come. So, imply as soon as they come.
  2. Fighting for what you believe, no matter what.

This was in my check-list to give this secret away before ending with 2018.

I have been fortunate enough with the help of Growth Scribe to put my resources here at Kartik Ahuja for paying it forward.

The frustration of staying sick for so many years made me do the research, finding out the solution and jumping in every single day no matter what the temperature/weather is or what people would think about me and my crazy plan.

Even to this day, if I could I would take the warm, hot bath but in order to get this luxury and the great asset of health Cold Showers is what I choose every single time.

These are the resources I combined for everyone staying and reading this story I found back then and with time.

Cold Shower Resources:

  1. Amazing compilation of the best videos on the internet to help you understand Cold Showers
  2. Facebook Group of People performing Wim Hof Method

P.S. – I will keep on updating this exact same blog as I experience more things in cold showers.

P.P.S. – Share this with a friend who needs to read this.

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